Vermont Seo:

Well as the last update brought us the glad news of officially working with An initial check of keyword and seo opposition has led to a wee challenge. What challenge ? Although there are only a handful of Kim Chi makers here in Vermont, the phrase ‘ProBiotics’ is ripe with competition. Looking forward to the challenge of getting the new client found. In local markets and nation wide perhaps. Finally got some Search Engine Optimization work that will need some real grey matter grinding.

vermont-probioticaJust got into the page and banged out a quick header banner and already the website design is starting to fall into place. Quick meeting with the client today to discuss menu navigation and site functionality. And seriously looking forward to the challenge.

We will be adding some pages to their menu this week. Specifically a menu page as the product is delicious on its own. But after making a Thai Fried Rice inspired dish using the Vermont ProBiotica Kim Chi have the urge to share it. So will be talking to the Chef Owner and Owner Operator today.

stand by for the yum.


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