SEO Services for small businesses in Vermont | New England.

Search Engine Optimization for Small business in Vermont and New England.This is the proof we all look for. Proof that SEO Services for small businesses work in Vermont and New England. Really where ever you’re located. Properly executed marketing can bring some surprising rewards. It can increase your business locally, regionally and now technically internationally. We don’t have to be a giant company to get these kind of results. Dont actually think a huge corporation would notice these results. Since they are rather personally. Not easily tracked in a market matrix or huge sales revenue increase.

Yesterday I was at a local eatery, by the name of Juniper’s Fare to meet a potential new small business SEO client . Recently I  added Juniper’s to my client list. As a barter client even. And met their photographer and graphic designer at this meeting. When we finished up, the photographer asked if “I would be willing to talk to him about how to best promote his business online via Search Engine Optimization”. Of course I agreed and a meeting time  set. Might seem like a conflict of interest, since we both are small Vermont Graphic Designers and Digital Photographers. But always looking to expand my client base and help out other VT Businesses I agreed.

Figuring we both enjoyed the food at Juniper’s we decided to meet there for breakfast in a  few days time. Fast forward, meeting day around 10am. Sitting down with the graphic designing digital photographer we ordered coffee and some food. And the long list of things   to be done to help with their SEO began. Vermont Photo Booths

In walks a couple, they sit and look at the menu. Up comes the waitress to take their order. Now the waitress, she is polite and friendly and sociable. They begin talking about menu choices and the what ever it is they talked about. Now Vermont is a small state and since this is a small town. New customers are greeting with curiosity, where are they from or what brings them to this neck of the woods.

Turns out the couple in question were from Toronto, Canada. Seems they were on a bit of a road trip holiday and had decided to visit Waterbury Vermont as they headed further down south. These lovely people then volunteered that they had found the restaurant when looking for a breakfast place in Waterbury, VT., by doing  a web search (ok, Google search) for a place to eat here.

Keep in mind, I and my new client are one table away. I see his eyes go wide. I see the waitress face start smile even more. She starts pointing at me, tells the customers ,” Oh that is great, we just started working to get the place found online!“.

She points to me, letting the travelling couple know that I am the reason they found Juniper’s. In turn one of the customers cranes his neck around , smiling at me . His wife (I assume) is facing me, she smiles and waves. Says something to the tune of ‘great job and thank you’.

Needless to say, new client very happy. What would  soon be a new  client (the graphic designing photographer) pretty much signed on the dotted line right there.

Yes, doing a search and seeing your Search Engine Results in a coveted position is always good. Getting traffic to a client’s website or business is also good. But being at a client’s and literally seeing your effort rewarded and then getting more work out of it..Is just about priceless. And proof that SEO Services for small business in Vermont and New England, can bring all sorts of reward.

So if you’re a small business owner in Vermont or New England, and you need some help establishing your online presence. Or if your current website not getting the best search engine results. Feel free to me and let’s get you found.

What is SEO, the short version

 VT Search Engine Optimization graphic

VT SEO Graph

This morning  I met with a client of mine, and over some fine Vermont coffee from GMCR, we were discussing his web property and its ranking in Google and other Search Engines. He  asked me to explain exactly what ”all this Search Engine Optimization stuff is”. I took a sip and pondered for a moment and asked if he wanted the ‘long or short version’.

Thankfully, ‘short’ was replied. So again I pondered. And it began something like this. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as its often called. Is a process or method of optimizing your website to be found by the various search engines. Be it Google or Bing or Yahoo! Or any of the myriad of search engines available world wide. So ends the short version.

Enjoying a bit of Vermont

Took a little time away from the graphic design and search engine work for clients this weekend. Figured it would be good to get outside for a bit and enjoy what Vermont had to offer. Took a few pics via my droid. Got some target practice in and got a chance to just sit and relax deep in the woods of VT.

 Woods for the trees.

This week is already off to great start with about to be officially live as we have loaded content.Generating articles and tweaking on videos etc. Should be open by the middle end of this week. Picked up a few one of graphic designs for some new clients.Which I’ll be posting up here later this week as well And actually getting a chance to sit and play with my drawing ya know..draw.

Going to be working on a Coffee Cup design using a pre-existing graphic for and do a little reworking to it so it fits the mug and delivers the correct information. In a functional and attractive piece of kit.

Got some more articles to be posting up here for y’all and whatever other general mayhem generates. So Happy Monday I’m out. Oh and before I forget. Thanks to Cy over at Parro’s Gunshop in Waterbury Vermont, for the repair work and assistance today. Great shop, amazing staff.




Video why and what for

If you have followed this site, I recently picked up a new design and marketing client. And went down south about 4 hours a week ago to do a photo shoot and get some video of Coach Paul. Now the evening before the shoot over dinner we were discussing things related to the website. And I happened to bring up video. Its pretty obvious to most folks why
photos are needed to help illustrate what you do. Introduce your self /brand/product etc..

But Coach Paul posed an interesting question. ” What is so important with doing video”
Well there’s a few reasons.And depending what you’re doing here you might or might not know them. I’ll just touch on the high points .

With the ever-increasing availability of high-speed internet connections and as cellular networks start to figure out where their right foot goes. Video is becoming more and more popular. Both as a way to communicate with family,friends or business colleagues.
But also as a way to promote your self,brand,business, web property, services,etc…

With some astounding figure like 52% of all internet traffic being video these days
video is rapidly becoming a very important if not required way to reach your target audience.

These videos do not need super high-end cameras a multi-camera crew and a huge production budget. However there’s a few things you should try to keep in mind as you venture into marketing your company or even sharing your self with family and friends.

I’ll be back to work on  a basic lists of video ”do’s and dont’s ” and some other related info specifically for this later. But now I must return to the video for

If you have any questions or need a video for your self/company/brand or product feel free to drop me a line almost 24 hours day . Make sure you get your message to the masses sooner rather than later.

Search Engine Marketing, Fun and profit.

Springtime in Vermont with some digital assistance
Springtime in Vermont with  some digital help.

Another Sunday and another interesting time with Dougaru Smith. Now Dougaru is a highly motivated client. Motivated by his love of Subaru and his state of Vermont. Today we did some unrelated things to our typical marketing or design meetings, like wiring him up with an audio system for his work space at the dealership. And while un-entangling the myriad of cables and wires the conversation fell to search engine marketing and content generation. So after a brief and detailed chat on how things like keywords and meta tags can affect your search engine rank we got talking about content. And how to best generate it for his website in particular.

Rough draft for Industrial Hygiene book cover/client

Rough draft for client.Fun and profit

Armed with his gas sipping 2012 Impreza. And his love of the open road.Be it highway or dirt track. We are going to be heading out together or him, solo with his video camera and road tripping. Cruising to various known and unknown places to the both of us. See what we can see as we get there or when we arrive. Content being the key it seems to a good search engine rank in any search engine. From Google,Bing or Yahoo let alone the myriad of Search Engine few of us have seemingly heard of. So to you the reader be you client or random viewer. Get out there and make some original and worthwhile content specifically targeting what ever it is you decide to try to rank for. athletic coaches, Sales people ,restaurants or even me A graphic designer with some marketing and internet chops.

Its not just about keywords and esoteric code these days. The internet and the folks who travel it are hungry. Hungry for information, humor,drama, whatever. Not just dynamically driven sales pages that digitally pimp your wares 24 hours a day. But a name.A face.A voice, a voice with something to say . Show some passion.Or in the words of Dougaru “Show some love”

In my case, I recently posted some art and or graphic design depending on what you want to call it. Most of it thus far generated for clients.Some of it for fun and passion and will be posting some other designs and sketches soon. This is what I do. This is what I love to do and most of all this is what I love to get paid to do. So I will venture forth and share it to the small slice of the internet that cares to view. Sure , my end goal is to get a better ranking in the search engines..ok specifically Google these days. So I will open it up to the interweb and see who finds me. Maybe its a future client , perhaps its just some one looking for some interesting graphic designs or other forms of digital or analog artworks. Maybe specifically to Vermont or maybe just based on title or type. Who knows.

Point being with out showing more then a digital store front or office space , your not really going to get much traffic these days. The rules as ever have changed. And sure as the sun shines and the rain falls ,the will change again. But one thing is certain as I and others have been saying for years, “Content is King”

So yep another fine Sunday. Spent with a client turned friend. Explaining something that is seemingly routine or mundane to me. Yet fills some one with wonder and excitement. And hey getting paid to have random road trips with a friend(and client) aint such a bad way to spend the day. More on this and other things soon.

Check ya.