Almost Spring

Been an interesting Vermont winter as they usually are up here. And a heap more to update on. A quick note started working with An excellent charitable organization located here in Vermont and helping children around the world.
Basically we did a website redesign remix. Updating their presence over all and adding a heap of new images. Click here to check them out .Here are some of the graphics created for them.  Did a little tweaking on their existing logo and adding it to some of their fantasic photography. Plus a bunch of bank end stuff. More on this and other related news soon. African-Charity-for-Children African-Childrens-organization everyones-child Everyones-Child-1

December Updates

So we have gotten the office and studio moved.Reset and moving forward. Several new
client projects are close to launching. And some video production over the holiday. From
builders to kimchi, music and construction, a job site of sorts for our veterans (details soon) and well since it is late..until tomorrow. Vermont Food Photographer IMG_20141216_181623 vermont christmas photography


Hello all.
Vermont Design and Marketing would like to wish all of our clients, family and friends a very happy Thanksgiving. We are closed till Dec 2nd for the holiday and to move the office.
Stay tuned cause there are several new web properties going live next week and some new photography.
Happy Turkey

Peter &