We been running around over here updating behind the scenes here.
Working with current and new clients on new properties or updates to
current sites.

Firstly we would like to welcome
To the family. And getting ready for 2 new wordpress sites.
For current clients.JimmzPizza.com and changingtimesbldgcontrs.com.

Which has some what slowed down the roll out of our new site here at VDM.
So stay tuned .



June and update coming.

There are some new client projects to be announced and
working on tuning up the site. Getting ready for a busy summer.

Which leads to this. Hello endless horde of spam spewing
people. You can keep trying to bomb the site with your requests
for membership. Or your Viagra filled spam links.
AINT going to happen here so move along.

We cleared out over 2000 spam comments.
And the attending user requests. IF you are a legit
non spamming user of this site. Please contact us with
your info and NO SPAM in the content or subject.
We will reinstate your membership.

Sorry if you got the axe.
as shot


search engine optimization vermont Small Business internet marketing. trainwithcoachpaul.com
DSCF3333Ok so it has been a while since there’s been a posting.
Not that things haven’t been going on.More like a lot of
stuff has been happening.

So.over the next few weeks. There will be a new site design.
Which means depending when your here, or how often. Website design could change while your visiting. that design could change just once in the course of your visit or a bunch.
Site functionality or menu items could appear or disapear..you get the idea.

A not small update to the portfolio. A whole bunch of words
on subjects like search engine optimizations, things about clients. stowe-vermont-home-repair

Oh ya clients..several new client sites under development.
And a bunch of current client sites getting the over and haul.

So stay tuned. For this news and other antics.